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I help my clients and those who attend my workshops find inner peace and happiness. They become much more aware of their true nature which leads to enlightenment. You don’t have to move to India for 40 years to study with a Guru to find enlightenment. With the right tools, one can awaken to this state in a relatively short period of time. You can discover the source of all emotional suffering and become free from all unwanted emotions such as anxiety, fear, stress, etc. You can still have thoughts and emotions, but they no longer control you. Within you there is infinite peace, love, happiness, wisdom, stillness and bliss. This is not something we create. It is our true nature. It is always there. All we have to do is learn how to access and awaken to it.


If I were to ask “who are you?” you might say I’m so-and-so with a certain past, a certain story, a certain personality, a certain body, certain roles, talents, weaknesses, dreams, fears and beliefs. This is not who you are. You are not your thoughts, you are not your emotions, you are not your beliefs, not what you do, your reputation, or what you have. You are not your body. You are not your mind. The more you define yourself in this way and identify with your mind, the greater the emotional suffering and addictions. With the right tools, you can become free from all emotional suffering and addictions.  

Then who are you? You are pure consciousness, presence, the one witnessing it all. Your true self is unchangeable and eternal. It was never born and it will never die. This is not a belief. When you awaken to this, you will experience unconditional love, peace and bliss beyond your wildest dreams.

Transcending the mind and finding inner stillness is not only an essential condition of happiness, but a key to inspiration. I’ve also been a musician and composer for many years specializing in improvisation, jazz and other genres. (www.salabrothers.com)


As a young musician I learned while improvising and composing I needed to relax, transcend thought and let the music flow from deep within my heart. In other words, I needed to quiet my mind and tap into an inner knowing and connect with an infinite intelligence. Many creative people, artists and athletes, etc. know that this is where the magic lies. Writers and novelists have referred to this experience as a stream of consciousness where magnificent ideas flow effortlessly. Authors describing this experience said they felt like they were taking dictation from a deeper place or source. Thomas Edison knew the limitations of his conscious mind and before taking a nap, would give his subconscious a problem to solve regarding an invention and when he awoke he would have the answer. Many great actors know the importance of relaxation, being “in the moment”, listening, reacting, transcending thought and following their intuition. Athletes have referred to this experience as being “in the zone”. Basketball players have said the basket looked so big they couldn’t miss. Athletes say when they’re in the zone everything is working perfectly and effortlessly.

The mind is a powerful tool in solving math, science problems, etc. But 95% of the mind, referred to as the egoic mind, is the cause of all unhappiness, anxiety, fear, stress and troubled relationships. Your highest purpose is to awaken to who you truly are. I have many tools and insights to assist you. When you awaken to who you truly are, you will discover the greatest secret in the universe.

Working with Joseph, I have experienced an amazing expansion of love and compassion that I never thought possible. Because of Joseph, I have awakened to who I truly am. –Patricia

You will feel your heart expand as Joseph helps you see the true essence and beauty of your soul. He will assist you in your Spiritual awakening and the realization that you are not the mind and help you connect with your true self. –Kathy

Joseph, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful healing I received from your two workshops. The peace and joy I experienced there was like no other I have ever felt before. In fact, I don't believe I have ever had a feeling of inner peace and unconditional love like that in my entire life. –Kassandra

Your insights guided me into an enlightened path to tap into my own intuition and higher self.
–David T.

During our first private session, Joseph helped me to release old traumatic events that continued to plague me through almost 15 years of intermittent therapy. -Pam

Joseph's workshops are very empowering, full of useful techniques, and they always make me feel ready for any challenges that life may bring. He teaches a way of thinking that leads to a deeper understanding of self and ultimately to a better and happier life. –Bogusia

I have had an amazing time working with Joseph on my spiritual path. His insights and intuition make every session enlightening and rewarding. From the very start, I got the sense that he knew what I needed to explore and we did that to great success. I credit Joseph with giving me invaluable tools that I will use forever to continue living my life joyfully, peacefully and powerfully. Thank you, Joseph. -Dave

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