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Working with Joseph, I have experienced an amazing expansion of love and compassion that I never thought possible. Before working with Joseph, I was unable to open my heart to see the love that surrounded me. He showed me how the walls I had put up were keeping me trapped and unhappy. Because of Joseph, I have awakened to who I truly am. - Patricia

Joseph, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful healing I received from your two workshops. The peace and joy I experienced there was like no other I have ever felt before. In fact, I don't believe I have ever had a feeling of inner peace and unconditional love like that in my entire life. I experienced deeper peace and love than when I was a very small child lying between my mother and father just feeling all that unconditional love surrounding me; feeling like I belonged, was wanted and loved. It was the most beautiful feeling I have had in my life prior to these workshops. Joseph Sala is a wonderful being sent from above to show us how to heal, love and understand life because as Joseph says, "it’s all about love". Thank you, Joseph. - Kassandra


You will feel your heart expand as Joseph helps you see the true essence and beauty of your soul. His insights come from a place of depth and wisdom. His facilitation is gentle and profound. He melds strength, wisdom and heart into a blend of support that is extremely helpful and motivating. Joseph is a gifted spiritual teacher and intuitive counselor. His guidance and insights uplift and inspire. He will assist you in your Spiritual awakening, and the realization that you are not the mind and help you connect with your true self. He will help you lift the veil of the mind and see reality as it is. This is a state of real freedom, when events, circumstances, habits and thoughts do not disturb or affect you on the inner level, and you come to understand that your life, your true essence, is actually beyond the world of thoughts. He teaches you to feel your heart connection with others and know that you are in the world but not of it and as your view and feelings of the world change everything changes for the better. – Kathy

I have had an amazing time working with Joseph on my spiritual path. His insights and intuition make every session enlightening and rewarding. From the very start, I got the sense that he knew what I needed to explore and we did that to great success. I credit Joseph with giving me invaluable tools that I will use forever to continue living my life joyfully, peacefully and powerfully. Thank you, Joseph. - Dave


After meeting Joseph at one of his spiritual workshops and hearing what he had to say, I was intrigued. I knew some basic spiritual principles, but his "take" on those principles made a daily practice seem simple, rather than daunting. A couple of weeks later, during our first private session, Joseph helped me to release old traumatic events that continued to plague me through almost 15 years of intermittent therapy. Today, I am able to go to my "spiritual journal" when I am in the midst of a crisis and extract a little nugget of wisdom obtained from one of our amazingly transforming sessions...what a gift!! - Pam

Joseph taught me a very powerful technique of how to find love within myself, and how to channel it towards difficult people in any given situation. Thanks to him I understood that loving others is what makes me whole and happy. Joseph's workshops are very empowering, full of useful techniques, and they always make me feel ready for any challenges that life may bring. He teaches a way of thinking that leads to a deeper understanding of self and ultimately to a better and happier life. - Bogusia

Your insights guided me into an enlightened path to tap into my own intuition and higher self. I connected with that energy with your love and guidance. The wise and gentle consulting has led me to a path of wellness and gratitude. Through this I am now launching my own business and I now feel that I can accomplish any task with intention and love. I can speed up and literally calm down in the same moment. Thank you, Joseph, for your wise and loving wisdom. – David T.

Joseph has given me tools that have helped me rise above the stress of my daily life and help me become more peaceful and serene. I will take these spiritual tools with me for the rest of my life. I have strongly recommended Joseph to my closest friends and family. - Taylor

With Joseph's help I was able to see and feel tremendous shifts in my awareness.... in less than a month. By uncovering the lies that blocked me from my true self, I was able to transcend the drama and pain of my daily life. Progressively I have been able to tap into the love that I'd been in search of for over 15 years. I'd DEFINITELY recommend Joseph as a Spiritual teacher and consultant. - Trish

As a spiritual teacher, Joseph turns the lights on for you so you can gain the enlightenment he himself has found. - Jennifer

I always leave Joseph’s workshops feeling better. He has a way of looking at things that is pretty amazing. - Maureen

Joseph has worked with me brilliantly to find my true divine self that already lives and breathes within me. I am a gay man who has been through unspeakable physical and emotional torment from society because I was born different. I'm still in process, but I believe Joseph is a true master who is helping me peel away the layers to be in touch with my true divine self. I am en route to eternal peace. - Jeffrey

I’ve known Joseph for quite some time and he’s become a dear friend. Besides being extremely gifted with extraordinary intuition and incredible insight, there’s also a silly side to him. He never takes himself too seriously and never gets “preachy”. What he does take seriously is the welfare of his clients. He’s extremely patient, understanding and kind. He actually LIVES what he teaches – unconditional love, kindness, empathy and compassion. He’s very caring and will never desert you in your time of need. He gives you tools as well as insights to help you live a balanced, happy life. – Mary

I found Joseph through another one of his clients he had helped. I was in a very addictive, abusive relationship with a man I had been holding onto for five years. Joseph transformed the way I dealt with him and helped me become aware of the lies I was believing. I found the truth that I was stronger than I thought and more capable than I ever imagined. Joseph is my mentor, my hand through the darkness and, at my lowest point, my hope in a better tomorrow. If I hadn't met him when I did, I believe the old patterns and destructive self abuse I was inflicting would have kept me suffocated or worse killed me completely. He is light, breath and love. - Rochelle

Joseph not only helped me through some of the most devastating times I would experience, but with his insight and compassion, taught me that I needed to look in to my own soul, accept and grow on my own. Because of his help I am now beginning a new relationship which has the openness and honesty, that I could only dream about and wish for. Joseph will remain for me a soul mate and an angel that I can only hope everyone can have the beauty of experiencing. I just wanted to thank you, Joseph, for bringing me to this place in my life you are and were so instrumental in showing me the way. I hope that we can continue this road together and that you will continue to be my teacher and mentor. - Jane

Trustworthy – Kind -- Funny – Genuine – Talented. Gifted and beautiful are just some of the words I can think of to describe Joseph. He has helped me on several occasions giving me the guidance and support that I have needed through good times and bad. There is not a judgmental bone in his body so what you get is pure love. I believe in Joseph’s ability to help others and time and time again I am surprised by the results in my life. I am grateful to my friend who introduced me to him 10 years ago. This is the real deal. - Tricia

Thank you, Joseph, for always being so kind, for being there for me and for always being so helpful. – Alexandra